Privacy Matters

As an individual, when in a public space you assume a certain level of privacy. You wouldn’t expect to encounter someone sneakily peering over your shoulder to read the text message you were writing, would you? That would be considered an invasion of your privacy. Accordingly, why should the notion of personal freedom and privacy be any less valued in the digital domain?

Since the year .com government agencies around the globe have been scrutinising ways -some clandestine, others in plain view – to monitor users and curtail the privacy that people enjoy on the internet. We too, as users, have perhaps been guilty of adopting an ambivalent attitude towards internet privacy.

A scandal like the Snowden NSA spying revelation caused us all to recoil but conversely, we freely give away personal information to big tech firms like Facebook – who treat sensitive data improperly by peddling it off to a political consultancy firm. There is an accelerating trend for internet users to seek more online privacy and with some justification.

Privacy is Human

Privacy itself represents an innate human trait. We want to be able to reflect the same respect for privacy we have in our offline world in the online world. We don’t want to be weighed down with the fear our sensitive data might be stolen but emboldened by the notion that our online activities can remain anonymous.

Of course, your data is big money to advertisers. Every search term you query, every website you pay a cursory visit to and every person you connect with online will be stored, sold off, analysed and used to sell you stuff. Third-parties harvest data to target you with personalised ads that magically appear based on a Youtube video you might have watched or a search term you entered. So is there a way to take back some control over what you see online and how much a corporation and government can see of you? Indeed, there is.

Data Protection

Using a VPN can secure your data from determined hackers or companies that, unwittingly or otherwise, operate sloppy data protection. Arming yourself with a VPN will render data harvesters powerless and unable to exploit your personal data for commercial gain. You will have the assurance that your online activity will be completely anonymous.

If you combine, a VPN with an Ad Blocker not only will your IP address remain obscured but you will also exorcise vexing tracker ads from your internet forever. Check out our list of comprehensive VPN reviews to see which one can help you restore your internet privacy.

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