Managed VPN Market to Grow 14.5%

The VPN market is growing. More specifically, the Managed VPN market will experience a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 14.5% between the period 2019-2025 according to a new report.

In essence, its current market value of £11 billion will soar to a staggering £28 billion. Neat right? But why?

The Trump Effect

President Trump repealed the anti-privacy act in 2017 regrettably granting all ISPs the opportunity to snoop on customers and sell the legal if not ethically obtained data they mined. Naturally, people were panicked because this has represented the most serious threat to individual privacy since the Patriot Act. In the period between 2016 and 2018, the number of VPN users reportedly grew by 165%. It’s entirely possible that Trump’s policy not only had the average internet user running scared but also elicited a trickle-down effect on business that could account for an optimistic outlook for the Managed VPN Market.

What is a Managed VPN?

A Managed VPN service will operate a businesses wide-area network consisting of
telecommunications and the transfer of vast swathes of sensitive data over a large geographical area. It’s absolutely vital this information remains private but also accessible to any authorised individual scattered across different locations. An effective Managed VPN service will provide end-to-end coverage to maintain privacy and efficiency for business. A role that will grow in importance as commercial industries become more entrenched in automated processes.

The Future for VPN & Business

A VPN is an essential tool for any business small or large in today’s fully digitised world. As people gravitate towards remote working a Managed VPN service will see its value increase in importance. A VPN will be used in all manner of industries like Healthcare, IT, Media, Transportation, Manufacturing and essentially any business that deals with digital data. Which is near enough every business.

Knowing that sensitive data is secure is not just assurance for the business but also the client. In this heightened security state it isn’t government stooges that business will be wary of but ruthless cybercriminals intent on stealing valuable data for their nefarious ends. Possessing a VPN solution to counter that threat will be paramount.

Currently, the market for VPNs is growing rapidly in Asia, particularly in China, India and Southeast Asia, in both the domestic and commercial sectors. The steady industrial and economic growth in these countries along with widespread VPN use in North America will ensure that the demand for a Managed VPN Service will grow in unison with it.

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